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Windows 8 Activation – How To Do It Correctly?

Do you have any idea that Windows 8 has its major significant difference over other previous versions? This is especially in terms of support and start screen. This is also the main reason why it demands a serious activation for the benefit of the user.

Windows 8 activation is mainly required in getting that most genuine experience in Windows. Apart from it, this also helps users in troubleshooting all issues related to volume licenses. With the use of the best activators to find online, it would be a lot easier and more convenient for anyone to do the activation process.

This article revealed you several methods that you can use to activate Windows. All the activation process here was tested working especially if you use the activators recommended below.


Checking the Windows 8 Activation Status 

If you already have activated the operating system (OS) with the use of an operating system or trial activation key, still, it would expire at a limited period of time. Thus, it is essential for you to check its activation status.

Here are the steps to follow and you will know whether your copy of Windows is activated or not.

  • Step 1. You need to open the so-called “System Window”. Click on the “Start Screen” and right-click the bottom-left part to continue to the “Quick Access Menu. Afterwards, opt for the system.
  • Step 2. Take the time to check the information related to activation. Once the system window is turned up completely, the activation information found on the bottom will be viewed by the user.

windows 8 activation status

No matter your system is activated or not, following section will show you the methods that you can use to get your computer system activated.


The Normal/Legit Ways to Activate Windows 8 or 8.1 

You can use either one of the methods below if you had purchased a copy of Windows either online or from local IT stores. To activate it legally, you can either use any one of the methods below:


  1. Online Activation (Internet)

In the event that you are not successful with the activation, it’s best to do the activation online. This is most often suggested by the experts. Just by merely using the Windows 8 activation key, you’ll be on your to activating it completely. And if you want to avoid the time-consuming process of activation with the use of a product key, online activation is the best solution to consider.

Step 1 – Logon a computer as an administrator and connect to the Internet. Press the Windows + I keys to open the Settings charm.

windows 8 settings charm

Step 2 – Select Change PC settings in the lower-right corner of the screen. Under PC settings, select the Activate Windows option.

Step 3 – Click on the Enter key button and key in the product key. The system automatically detects to see the product key is valid or not.

Step 4 – If product activation is successful and a Thanks, you’re all done message appears, just click Close to finish the process.


  1. Phone Activation

1st step- Press the Windows + R keys and then open the so-called Run dialog box. You need to type in slui 4 and press the “Enter”. Click the drop down menu to choose for the location near you. Afterwards, click on “Next”.

2nd step- Open the menu for “Power User Tasks” and tap on the “System”. Next, view for more Window Activation details.

3rd step- Open the icons view or the Control Panel and then, click on the icon for “System”.

4th step- Open the settings for PC and click on the Activate Windows located on the left side. Then, click on the customer support for you to seek for help.

5th step-Click on the drop down menu and choose for the nearest location for a toll free #. You can now click on the “Next”.

6th step- Carefully follows the instructions you see on the phone. Call the toll free activation phone number and enter your ID #’s. These #’s are actually found on the phone keypad and then you need to enter the confirmation ID #’s right through the “Windows Activation” wizard. If you are done with it, you can click on “Activate”.


Use The Win Activator

Please note that the activator is a third-party software that can be use to activate Win 8 without having the legit product key. So, these is unethical way and please support the developer by purchasing a genuine copy of the software once you’re affordable.

The use of activator is also suggested leaving you several options; and the two most popular activators are KMSpico and Microsoft Toolkit. The former activator is known to be the safest, easiest and fastest way of dealing with software-activation related problems. You can successful activate your copy of Office and Windows permanently.

On the other hand, the Microsoft Toolkit is another good option for you to consider. This is after detecting the most genuine copies of all Microsoft products. It lets you skip the process of activating again. One of the good things about this tool activator is that it does not let you get worried about lost original license. You will now decide which one is best for you to use.

You can choose either one way to help you in the activation process. I has tested both activators and it works great on most Win 8 editions.


Conclusion: You Can Use Either Way to Activate Windows 8/8.1

Windows 8 activation lets you get the most genuine experience from the use of Windows. If you are looking for the genuine solution, you will be left with the two ways of activation; phone or Internet. Both ways required you to purchase a genuine copy of license.

And through the use of third-party programs or activators, there is a possibility of activating your OS and MS Office copy permanently. This method is illegal and it’s free as well as you can get the activator online. Please note that we provide the activators for education purposes and you are advice to purchase the original license of Windows once you can afford it.