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How to Activate Windows 8/8.1 Permanently?

Want to hit the monitor screen badly because of the frequent ‘Activate Windows’ message whenever you turn on the computer? Please calm down as there is a way to resolve the tension between you and the system.

This article brings you ways with which, you can safely bid adieu to the annoying notification that you get whenever you turn on the PC or laptop. Well, it’s something to do with the Windows activation.

The main purpose that Microsoft required you to activate the operating system(OS) i.e. Windows is to validate you are using the genuine copy of their software. In other words, you are purchasing a legit copy of Windows from either online or local IT stores.

There are several methods that you can used to solve your activation problems. Following section will guide you on how to activate Windows 8 successfully. In hurry, you also can download the kmspico here.

Note: Please jot down the Windows 8 Product Keys located at the back of the DVD case for some of the following methods to work.


The 3 Ways to Activate Windows 8/8.1

Method 1: When the OS prompts to activate Windows

  • When you get an irritating message to activate windows, you would rather click it to make it stop. Yes, that’s what you have to do.
  • Type in the Product ID that you have got from Windows and click on ‘next’. It verifies the product ID.
  • You’re done! Windows can’t pester you anymore.


Method 2: When it does not prompt

  • Click on the start button at the bottom left corner of your screen. Oh wait! Windows 8 changed that. The only thing that worked properly. Damn!
  • Anyway, somehow find out the ‘My Computer’ icon on the desktop and right click on that and select properties or make it easier by pressing the Windows key and pause together.
  • You will get a dialogue box that shows on what hardware you run your OS. You might know, but it will still show you as it wants to tell you how knowledgeable it is.
  • You can find a Windows Activation section, in which you will know whether you have to activate your PC. But, since you searched for this article because of the frustrating message, it should be showing you ‘Activate now’.
  • Select that and enter your product ID in the field that is empty and click on ‘Next’
  • It may search the internet to verify the magic code that you have filled up and a dialogue will appear.
  • Voila! You are done. It will say ‘Windows activated. Please enjoy the added benefits’. What it means ‘ Thank you, I will not annoy you anymore’.

Finally, it’s not about just turning the message off, its about activating your Windows 8 permanently so that you may never have to duel with the operating system again.


Method 3: Using Windows 8 Activator

If you want to reap all the benefits of the Operating system, you need to activate Windows 8. Over the years, many pirates have tried to hack into the program to bypass the activation activity by using the Windows 8 activator. But the big gun has struck back with several updates making sure that users buy the software. So, if you are using the third-party activators like KMSAuto Lite or Microsoft toolkit to activate the OS, make sure the Windows Update feature was turn off.

Yet, those activator or loader with full determination have come up with a way to crack the program with their high skill set. Here are some ways to bypass the activation. But before that, it’s better for you to know how the activation works!


How the Windows Activation Works?

The pre-installed copy of the Windows couples the product ID @ serial numbers along with a sensitive information present in the BIOS system that is unique to a particular OEM. If the encrypted information about the licensing key matches with the hidden information in the SLIC table present in the BIOS system, then the OS gives you a free path to walk. Else it strikes you down with errors, annoying rants about activation, and disclaimer messages till you activate it.


Breaking the Pathway with the Activator!!

If you are somehow able to break down the connection between the encrypted message and the SLIC table in the BIOS, you can trick the OS into making it believe that you are actually using an activated version.

There are several tools i.e. activators available that cut down the communication and generate several random Product ID’s to the software and make the ‘non-genuine’ watermark go away. For several computers that do not have a SLIC table,the tool creates an alternate boot loader based on GRUB and install the emulation code there to fool the software into thinking that the OS you have installed is a legitimate one.



Activating Windows 8 permanently is easy if you purchase a genuine copy of the software. But in the market, there are several tools or activators that you can freely download from the Internet and activate the OS successfully. But sometime the software may harm your computer as it may contain malware and you are advice to buy a genuine copy of OS if you can afford.

Please make sure that you need to activate the Windows before the activation deadline finishes (normally 30-day from the date you install) because once the OS locks the user out of the system, it’s very hard to get back in.