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Welcome and great to see that you found this site. We try to provide the best info related to Windows like the file download, product key and activation related resources. In hurry? Click here to download the kmspico 10.2.0 now.

Do you really know the differences between Win 7 and 8/8.1 ? What are the advantages of the newer operating system (OS)? This site going to convinced you on the pros of having it and how to deal with the activation process.

We all loved Windows 7 much more then Vista as it were pretty and not a mess driver wise. Now what had changed in term of activation process? Well Win 7 changed and evolved the SLSVC to SPPSVC and incorporated further refinement of the registry licensing. We still had the winlogon.exe stuff and now we had some more activation required programs along with online checker that could be used.

Now imagine that the newer OS without the winlogon.exe file and a split of the user interface licensing wise. Yes that pretty much defines all the changes which were done to the licensing on Win 8. Everything else for the most part stayed the same with the previous edition.

Also, the rearm feature that was in older OS has been changed in Win 8. Rearming a Windows 8 system will not extend the trial period. In older system, you can rearm or reset the 30-day trial and extended up to 120 days. So, for newer OS to fully activated, you need to use Windows 8 activator.

How about Win 8.1? This one is the pretty similar with the older version except that you need a new activation key for it with little changes in the KMS activation portion. There were also changes with features in the licensing to further unify the Windows RT API with the OS.


KMSpico Portable – The Best Windows 8/10 Activator?


There are several Win 8 or 10 activators that you can use as highlighted in the book – Get Windows 8 or 10 Activated Now. You can get the ebook and take advantage of freely download the tools now.

Many people try to go online and downloaded the third-party loaders but not all of them are working and even some of them can harm your computer! If you are one of the frustrated that had tried many Windows 8/10 activators but with no luck, I bet you with the KMS Pico 10.2.0 you can have better chance to get the OS activated!

The KMS Pico is so far the most popular and perfect activator that can be use to activate all the latest editions of OS, including the Server editions as well as the Microsoft Office. You do not need to have the product key or activation/serial number to use the program.

The tool already in the market for few years and now with the release of the latest version 10 it’s even better. Many bugs were fixed to make it perfect and activate almost all the latest OS and Office with just few clicks.

If you had bad experience in using any other activators before you can try the KMSPico. Just uninstalled any previous tools in your PC and use this proven software. This is the best site to download KMS offline activator. More information on how to use the tool is provided in the section below. Click on the following button to freely download the latest KMS pico tool now!


About KMS Activation and KMSPico Activator Features

The KMS stand for Key Management Service and it’s a way to activate large amount of PCs such as in schools, colleges or universities. So each PC uses a unique code that identified what operating system was used and it syncs up with the server activation along with that host key.

With that said, this software not only activates all editions of Windows 8 and 8.1, but it also supports older versions of OS. However, if you are using Win7 (any editions), we recommend you to use Win Loader v2.2.2 by Daz.

Following are some of the key features of the latest KMS pico 10.2.0:

  • Great activator – With this tool, you can expect a high activation success rate if you use it correctly.
  • 100% lifetime genuine activation – Not like some other loaders that is not permanent solution. If you use this kms tool and once the product activated, it will detect and run the infinite loop of automatic activation.
  • Full-auto activation – Doesn’t need any manual intervention, so simple that just clicks the button and let the program do the rest in the background! In few seconds, it will show the activation results.
  • Parallel activation – Support the both Win and Office activation at the same time, and automatically identify the version or edition.
  • Clean and free of malware – Don’t release any unnecessary files that will harm your computer. Make sure you get it from reliable sources
  • Offline activation – No Internet connection required during the activation process.
  • Very easy to use – Once you installed the tool (follow step-by-step guide below), just one-click can activate your OS or MS Office.
  • Support 32-bit & 64-bit versions system – The tool do the activation in one package with automatic detection and hence that is not a problem no matter which software version you are using.
  • Support latest OS – It activates the almost all new Operating Systems and Microsoft Office versions (see the table below).
  • All languages supported – As you may know, all the Microsoft products are available in many languages, luckily the tool support all languages.


KMSPico 10.2.0 for Windows 7/8/10 or Office 2013/2016?

Well, kmspico is a well-known activation tool for Windows 10/8 but do you know that the program can also be used to activate MS Office 2016 and 2013?

The following table summarise the programs (including different versions) supported by the activator. Note that if you are using the older OS (like XP, Vista, or win-7), you need to install .NET Framework 4.0+ first before you able to run the program. Of course you need a valid operating system installed on your PC.

The OSThe MS OfficeThe Windows Server
Win Vista Business/NOffice 2010 AllServer 2008 Standard/Datacenter/Enterprise
Win Vista Enterprise/NOffice 2013 AllServer 2008 (R2) Standard/Datacenter/Enterprise
Win 7 Professional/NOffice 365 AllServer 2012 Standard/Datacenter/Enterprise
Win 7 Enterprise/NOffice 2016 AllServer 2012 (R2) Standard/Datacenter/Enterprise
Win 8/8.1 AllServer 2016 All
Windows 10 All


Download and Install the KMS Pico Instructions

Now you should know that the official KMSPico v10.2.0 was great and the program can really help in activating the Windows 8/8.1. So, what is next? Yes…get the software and install it to the PC that you wish to be activated. Here are the step-by-step instructions:

  1. (For Win 7 or lower users only) make sure your PC was installed with the .NET Framework 4.0+
  2. Temporarily disabled the antivirus software or firewall on your PC (including the Def on your PC) as some antivirus was very sensitive to the activator. To disabled antivirus, right-click the antivirus icon on the system right-bottom corner and choose disabled.
  3. You can freely download the latest version of KMS pico.

Note: If you downloaded the file from another location, we don’t know what other people do with the file. The file you downloaded here only has false positives so it’s safe.

  1. Uninstall any older version of the applicable (if any) by running cmd (Right-click and click on Run as administrator file in the zip folder) OR use the program uninstaller from the Control Panel.
  2. Double-click on setup .exe file (in the folder) to start installing the activator. Click OK if you see anything pop-up. You can see the welcome screen as follow:
  3. From the welcome screen, click on the Next button to continue.

install kmspico welcome

  1. From the License Agreement image, select ‘I accept the agreement’ option and click the Next button to continue.

install kmspico license

  1. You can just accept the installation location by clicking on the Next button.
  2. Again, you can just accept the Start Menu folder name and click the Next This will start the installation and within a minute the installation will complete.


Using the KMS Pico Windows 10 Activator

Before using the kms activator, we assume that your computer was installed with Win 8/8.1/10. If you are using an evaluation version, then better install a retail final version as this tool is able to activate the system.

  1. Please note that once you finish installed the activator, you won’t see any program icon on the PC desktop.
  2. To launch the program (click on Start button – KMSpico). Click Yes if User Account Control window prompt . You will see the following left screen image. Depending on the Windows and Office installed on your PC, the icon will auto detected on the software and show above the red button.

kmspico 10 interface

  1. If you just installed OS from fresh, just press the red button to start the activation process.
  2. (If needed) Check the Windows activation status by going to the Tokens tab and click the blue square with big i in it (right image above). This will show your computer system edition as well as the activation status.
  3. You also can click Start and right-click on Computer and choose Properties, the screen will show the activation status as well.
  4. You are done and the system was activated successfully. You can now fully utilize all the functionalities of the OS now.

Latest Update:

Sometime when you use the kmspico, you may get blocks by Windows SmartScreen. If you experience the situation, just click the “More info” link and choose “Run anyway” button.

windows smartscreen

Also, some of you that are using the genuine or legit copy of Windows and/or Office afraid that the KMS-pico application will broke the software licenses…but the tool is designed to check the activation status for Office/Windows, so if you have a valid license, you can use the valid product key for activation and not using this tool.


KMSPico v10 VS Win Loader v2.2.2

Is the popular Win Loader v2.2.2 by Daz that has been widely used to activate Win7 can be use to activate Windows 8 too?

If you don’t know the loader, that is the most powerful and reliable tool to activate all editions of older OS (Vista & 7). If you are upgrading the Win 7 to 8, you should be familiar with the tool.

But to tell the truth, the loader is NOT for newer operating system, i.e unable to activate the newer OS like 8 or 10. Here are the explanations:

WAT is the Windows Activation Technologies which was applied to Win 7 when it was found that messing with the permissions of sppcomapi.dll disabled the activation of Window 7. The update that is defined as WAT is KB 971033 which I’m surprised I didn’t have to look up at all. Anyway this Update was an add-on on to the standard Windows Activation Licensing in order to fix the licensing and make it stronger.

These files are not present under Window 8 and you will find no .xml files which would tell the activation to act differently thus WAT is no longer present in Window 8/8.1 and hence this loader is not working for this version of OS.


Conclusion: KMSpico Can Always Get Your OS Activated!

If you follow the instructions on this page closely, you will found that the kms pico was proven to be one of the greatest tools for Microsoft products activation. No wonder people around the world are looking for it and best of all you can get it from this site.

The information provided on this site is for education purpose, read and use all the tools available on this site at your own risk. After all, the activators including KMS pico for Windows 10 or other similar tools provided on this page can really help you to activate the OS without any problem.

Is there other activators for the latest operating system? Well, beside KMSpico there are some other activators that you can use including:

Also, do support the product manufacturer once you can afford by purchasing a genuine copy of this world most popular OS. Should you have any queries or problems related to Windows 8 activation, feel free to contact us using the Contact Us form.